Monday, August 20, 2007

To be an artist or not to be?

..advise yang menarik dari Sylvia White;

you can begin to take the important first steps in becoming an artist.
  1. Self Evaluation: Spend some time thinking about what your real goals are as an artist and write them down. Nobody has to ever see it. Don't let yourself limit the possibilities just because you think they are impossible.
  2. Excuses: Try to define as many reasons as possible that you haven't made a consistent effort to show your work…again, write this down. (No cheating, showing your work to one or two people that are friends or relatives doesn't count)
  3. Objectivity: Try to make a realistic assessment of the quality of your work. This is not what other people have said about your work, including teachers or mentors. It is an honest, naked, look at your process, by YOU, to see if there is any room for improvement or continued exploration.
The most important thing to remember, is whatever reaction people have to your work is irrelevant. But, it is that necessary reaction that breathes life into your art and completes the process of your original intention, making art!

Salam Erat!


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